The Calibre Multi Time Zone Timepiece is one innovative watch by Cartier. It provides one with a new clean aesthetic feeling and tells one not only the home time, but also the local time when you are travelling or on business trip in a foreign country. The Calibre Multi Time Zone Timepiece looks clean when compared with other world time watches. As you might already have noticed, many world time watches look complicated or cluttered with a lot of text for the reference of city discs. Cartier has made a lot of efforts to provide a cleaner world time watch for watch lovers and thus the Calibre Multi Time Zone swiss replica watches is developed.
The solution to the problem is to set the city disc to the left side of the case by providing a sapphire crystal window on it. Besides the city disc on the case side, the Calibre Multi Time Zone Timepiece also gets rid of extra pushers on the case to give a “clean aesthetic” look. The crown guard actually is a hidden pusher for one to set the time zones of the chopard replica watches. It is delicate, right? The dial looks lovely, featuring oversized black Roman numerals for a pop visual effect.
And the hands are the typical Cartier blue steel hands. The local time is displayed through the main dial while the small dial in the center is indicating the reference time with one single hand in two different shaped ends. The end with a sun sign indicates the AM time while the counter one, with a moon sign, suggests the PM time. This design is very human and clever. The movement for this Cartier Calibre Multi Time Zone Timepiece is the 9909 MC automatic movement which could reserve power to 48 hours. The watch asks for $39,900 for the rose gold version and $42,100 for the 18k white gold one.

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